Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Life in Summary

Since I seem to have fallen off the planet Blog World lately, here's a little catch up for those of you who were wondering what had happened to the Hulletts.

I seem to be running around most days like a chicken with her head cut off, but let's be honest—I'm probably happier that way. I love being busy with a million things to do. And like Joyce and I discussed tonight, I am very deadline driven!

So what's new? Well first, thanks for all the prayers about Shawn's job. He changed jobs the end of July and now works for XTO Energy out of Fort Worth. The commute is not really shorter, but it is calmer—much less traffic, road rage. He's still settling in. It's weird to be the new guy after being somewhere for 5 years and knowing everything about everything and everyone. Fingers crossed, he will continue to like it. The way it fell into our laps, I have to believe it's God-sent. Now we just have to wait and see what he has in store for us.

We have a new used car. Shawn's Taurus finally died on about mile 180k. He now has a Nissan Altima with 80k on it. The last thing I wanted to do was buy another car, but again, this one fell into our laps so instead of having to shoulder another car payment, we were able to pay for this one in cash. It has a few problems, but nothing insurmountable.

As for me, I'm teaching 3 classes this fall. One I've taught for the last 3 years so it's easy-peasy. The other 2 (Amer Lit and Fresh. Comp at a community college) are new so I have not only new lesson plans/assignments to devise, I have homework since it's been YEARS since I read most of this stuff! I am enjoying it, though.

The kids are doing well. JD & Quinn have Preschool T, W, R. I was worried about Q, as he's been a bit of a momma's boy this summer, but he was a trooper. He loves all the other kids and being spoiled rotten by his teachers. Now if he'd just deign to talk a little bit......he's managed to get most everything he wants his entire life with the help of caveman grunts, and he has been just a bit unwilling to do more than that. He's finally doing a little more—with intense prodding. It's weird, though. My first 2 pretty much didn't shut up from about a year on. I was going to say maybe he's going to be the strong, silent type, but really, he's not silent. He just refuses to speak English, LOL! Having said that, we're not worried b/c according to our little checklist about language skills, he's fine. Stubborn, but fine.

Cate's enjoying first grade. We're working on impulse control—the child loves to talk (wonder where she gets that!), but overall, she's great. She has wonderful teachers, and I couldn't be more pleased with her school. They don't start TAKS prep till after Christmas, they have a special pullout program for GT kids, and they have great specials as well.

JD is JD. He's adorable, funny, stubborn, and talkative. He's also, drum roll, please, completely potty trained. Having never had a brother, or male cousins close to my age, I must comment that his penis fixation caught me by surprise. It's like they carry around their own personal toy. Weird. That sounds bad. I don't mean to say he's constantly playing with it, but he does seem to check it a lot. I mean—where's it going? What does he think it's going to do? It must be odd having a floppy appendage. Seriously off topic though.

But that's about all from us. Have a great week!

My Daddy's in a band...

Performance at a coffee shop in Burleson

Everybody wants to be a drummer....

Too stinkin' hot for us redheads, Mom

Go, Daddy, go! Play that bass!