Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My baby's turning 2!

The picture in the hat is minutes after birth. The other two are right before we left the hospital on Day 4.
Two years ago this Friday I found myself in the Mansfield Methodist Hospital, a planned ultrasound having turned into a delivery due to high blood pressure. His due date was March 1 so Jan 30 was a little early, even for me!
Some 10 hours after arrival, Quinn burst into the world, lungs working just fine, let me tell you. He weighed 5lb 6 oz. His only problem was temperature regulation, but every pediatrician we saw commented on how well he was doing.
We took him home 4 days later weighing 4lb 14 oz.
My how times have changed!
These last 2 pictures were taken December 2008. My lightweight bald preemie has turned into a round mound of sound with loads of strawberry blond hair. He's gone from not even making the growth chart to being nearly 50% everywhere. He weighed 18lb 6 oz at a year. He's now around 28--a serious year of eating and bulking up! He fits right into our family, running everywhere and talking nonstop (although we're still not exactly sure which language he's speaking, lol.)
It's been a wonderful 2 years, Quinn, and we're so glad you're in our lives!!!


Becky said...

So cute!!! Happy birthday, Quinnie!!!!