Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where have I been???????

Where to start? So much has happened since I last blogged. FB sort of took over from my blogging. That's where most of my pics live. And now, I have so many pictures that it's overwhelming.

Since I last blogged, I started teaching full-time, am on the PTA Board at Cate's school, am Cate's Room Mom, my mom had her gallbladder out, Cate had lice, I did the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk, and my family joined a new church plant in Mansfield. Whew. Are you tired? I am.

Working full-time has been a huge adjustment. I manage to get everything done, but I don't love missing preschool parties and not being able to work up at Cate's school. I'm trying to work just part-time next year. I think that will make me a much happier mommy and a better and more patient teacher.

Mom had her gallbladder out about 2 wks ago. That was fun--not at all. The pain beforehand was excruciating and then she had some blockage to her liver so she turned a not-so-nice shade of yellow. Thankfully, she's much better now. Staples came out today...or maybe they come out tomorrow. She is sooooooo ready for them to come out.

Lice. What can you say? I suspect hat day at her school as the culprit. Catie has hair down to her waist. I spent 4 hours on the bathroom floor combing out nits--the bathroom was the only room with a light bright enough to see the nits. Note: Nits are very hard to see in honey-blonde hair. The best I can say about it is it was a bonding time, lol. For the last 2 hours, she was sound asleep in my lap.

The Breast Cancer 3 Day was amazing. I was very proud of myself; I walked every mile. The blisters/sore muscles weren't too bad. I won't do it again till the kids are older; the practice eats up too much of what little free time I have. I love the slogan though (one of them anyway), and I'm really trying to apply it to my life: Do something that matters.

The new church plant--I'm so very excited about that as well. We are based in Mansfield. We hope to be meeting in a school in early Spring. We are a Christian church with instrumental music and a very contemporary feel. I absolutely love both the worship leader and the minister. The worship leader has such a thoughtful approach to worship. He is always looking for the best way to enhance people's communication with God. The minister--well, I've gone to church my whole life so I've heard a LOT of sermons. What I love about him is that he makes me think. It's not the same ol', same ol'. And he doesn't care if you're comfortable about it or not. Just like Jesus. Now, lol, I'm not saying he's JESUS, but like Jesus, he is most concerned with helping people mature spiritually and be the best they can be, not about making them FEEL good. He is also the hardest working minister I've ever known. If you're in the area, we'd love to have you visit. I know you will be blessed!!!

I will try to get some pictures up soon. This picture drought is ridiculous.

In the meantime, one last request. Our building manager's wife was killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon. They have a 2 yr old and a 2 mth old. Pray, pray, pray. I'm not sure how you get past something like that. I know he needs the comfort only God can give him. And pray for us to support as best we can.

Blessings and love to you all,