Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Pictures

These pictures make me smile. The first 3 are Cate in her Pettiskirt. Too cute. She pretends she's holding a bouquet of flowers when she gathers up her skirt (sorry the first one's blurry, but it's the only "gathering flowers" one I have.

The next pic is of JD discovering the Horse Ride (which mentioned pulling on the reigns (DUH) in the instructions.) That one's funny b/c I had to pry him off that ride with a crowbar, but several weeks later when he had the opportunity to ride a real horse, he cried the whole time--despite having looked forward to it all week. Then he told all & sundry about it when it was over! Told them about it like he enjoyed it....

The last pic is of Quinn, JD, & Ella at Life Group at Steve & Kristen's house. Yes, that is a baby doll stroller. Yes, Quinn does fit. Yes, the instructions specifically say not to use it for a real baby. But how funny is that?

Friday, April 25, 2008

The End is in sight.............

I hate to sound triumphant bugles quite yet, but I can finally see the end...the end of 2 in diapers!! JD is on the verge of being potty trained. He's finally gotten the concept and more importantly, agreed to go along with the program. We had several days where we were great with pee. But now--we've had 3 solid days with all BM's flushed to the great beyond. That's fantastic--3 year old poo is beyond the pale. Seriously.

Bribery has been our method of choice, and it's worked out quite nicely. Today we had one accident, but it wasn't a total disaster. He did it in the bathroom; he just couldn't get his pants down fast enough.

I will say I've seen waaaaaaaaaay too much in the way of little boy privates lately. (Running around naked is apparently preferable to a pull up or underwear--whatever.) He's been very concerned--and sharing his concerns with me--about the ability of his privates to change size. Enough said.

And one last thing I must share--his first set of pull ups were Elmo pull-ups. Like all pull ups, they had pics on the front that blurred/disappeared when wet. There were two types of pictures--trophies and beach balls. Really, someone should have thought this through. Here are 2 direct quotes:

ME: JD, make sure you stay dry. Don't get your balls wet.

Really, no one thought about this?

And Quote 2:

JD: But Mommy, Mommy. My balls aren't wet; they still there.

Yes. Thank goodness.

We have since bought new pull ups that have flags on them. An improvement all around.