Monday, June 29, 2009


1. Iconic Vegas sign
2. The Aggie girls the night of Jon's Birthday Dinner at Sensi in the Bellagio--Joyce, Michele, Khristy, Katie, & Amanda
3. Shawn & me in the Bellagio Conservatory
4. Jon & Michele--couldn't ask for better friends!!!
5. Shawn & me posing on a Bellagio balcony with the Paris hotel in the background

My little actress & the bluebonnets

1. Catie & Ms. Lesa--who having JUST got in from camp still came to see Cate, Heather, & Nathan.
2. Cate played Chicken Lickin' at Drama Camp. They re-enacted the story: The Stinky Cheeseman and other stupid stories. Very cute!!
3. Cate in the bluebonnets.
4. Quinn in the bluebonnets.
5. JD in the bluebonnets--note the lovely war wound.

Dinosaurs over Spring Break

1. JD & Cate searching for fossils.
2. Family pic with the long necks.
3. Cate, my little drama girl, showing her fear of the dinosaur coming after her (her idea!).
4. Kids playing in the dinosaur head.
5. One of my fave pics of JD
*These are in reverse chronological order.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute Etsy store!

My sister forwarded me this super cute link for Fancy Schmancy Designs...because every home needs a few more polka dots ... on She's doing a giveaway for a monogrammed cake holder so I'm doing a shameless promo! Here's the link:

Precious stuff...the woman has 5 kids and still does this....she may be a robot....but regardless, her stuff is adorable. Take a look!