Friday, April 24, 2009

Bob Smiley Live!!

I just spent an evening laughing at an old friend. But as I wrote on Facebook, it's okay; he's a comedian so he was happy we were laughing!!! I went to high school with Bob Smiley, and even back then, he was hysterical. He & his brother and me & my best friend were inseparable back in the day. Tonight brought back so many fond memories of church and high school--back then my biggest problem was would my lunch money stretch till Friday and would Dad give me money to go to Braum's after church on Sunday? I don't mean to belittle the teen years, but at least in my case, I had it really good. I had loyal friends and family. My family was always there for me; my best friend would no sooner have betrayed me than she would've stopped breathing. She just couldn't do it.

And Bob & Brian--well, they taught me that guys & girls could be friends--best friends. They made me feel beautiful, special, funny, and important. And yet, I was always safe with them. I knew they wouldn't make a pass at me--or expect me to go drinking with them or try drugs or anything like that. We had the much cliched "good clean fun." And oh my, did we have fun! We always did church activities together, but we also supported each other at sporting events and we could all be counted on to be a prom date in a pinch! A prom date with no strings. I had a prom date once who expected/hoped I'd go up to a cabin afterwards and.....who knows what he hoped. Bob & Brian simply expected us to have fun and be ourselves. There was no pretending and no stress.

I guess this is all in my head:
1. Because I saw Bob's show tonight
2. Because Shawn & I are getting ready to help teach a class on Sex & Dating to our high schoolers at church so male/female relationships are at the forefront of my thinking right now

So consider this a giant thank you to God for taking care of me in those vulnerable years and giving me people who loved me and looked out for me!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How can it be Easter???

Okay, will someone tell me how in the heck it's been a month since I posted? I swear it was last week! Anyway, I have a couple more pics to post, but I figure I should give you all a little text this time too!

I'm still heavily into fundraising and training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. I love it--okay, maybe not the fundraising, but I do enjoy organizing events and talking to people. I just don't enjoy the pressure to raise X amt of money by a certain date. I've raised 1480 so far and have another 600 promised plus one last family member who is giving an undetermined amt! :) So, I really am almost there. I probably don't know where about $120 is coming from so that is awesome.

The training on the other hand is so much fun. I know you all are wondering what bodysnatcher has taken me over because the Khristy you know does not like heat, dirt, or bugs, and all of those are found in abundance outside in Texas where we are doing all our training! I still don't like heat, dirt, and bugs, and I may get a bit less chipper as the full weight of a Texas summer rains down on my head....HOWEVER, at the moment, it's fantastic, and what I've realized is it's because we're training as a team. 7.5 miles goes by really fast when you have someone to talk to, but trust yourself, it is the walk that will NOT end. I love exercising and gabbing with my teammates, watching the kids play, etc. It's truly a fun time! Now be nice when I'm complaining about the 105 degree days in July/August!

What else? Cate's started horseback riding lessons. She adores it, and according to her teacher, she's doing really well. I'm waiting for the inevitable "I want my own horse" campaign. No worries on that score, says the mom who won't even let her kids have a dog right now.

JD's been sick for the last 4 days, but I think he's on the mend now. It was suggested that he had the rotovirus since that fit the symptoms. Whatever he had, he was miserable--on and off low-grade fever, diarrhea, not fun. He did not eat--and I mean not a bite that I saw--from Wednesday night until Saturday night. He finally ate some mac & cheese Sat night. Thankfully, he drank the whole time so he never got dehydrated. He just felt terrible, poor guy. But he seemed a lot closer to his old self today, hallelujah, even if he has lost a few pounds.

Quinn is Quinn. He's got a headful of hair that's looking redder every day, and he's finally talking more where people can understand him. He's learned to get out of his crib, which bites, but he doesn't do it TOO much. We'll probably put him in a real bed in a room with JD this summer. Oh joy.

Well, I guess that's it from here. I'll try to be a better blogger; I admit FB has taken me over somewhat, and I forget about my blog!! Oh, and I have some beautiful bluebonnet pictures coming--just have to get them downloaded off my camera!