Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School pics + a bonus pic

This first pic is Cate swinging Quinn at Extreme Jump. She takes very good care of her youngest brother. He doesn't yet have the ability to push her buttons yet like JD does. I love his face in this pic--such joy from such a simple thing.

These last 3 pics are Cate's first day of first grade on Monday, 8/25. You can tell she's not quite awake yet. Getting up in the morning is not her favorite thing to do.

Then here are Quinn & JD at their first day of preschool this morning. Quinn fussed a bit but then settled in great. JD didn't blink. He dove right in. No insecurity there!

Zoo Fun....again

The week before school started I had 5 kids at my house: my 3 + Ella & Madison. After about 5 minutes of all that togetherness, I made the executive decision that we were going out and about....EVERY DAY.

We hit Chuck E. Cheese, the pool, McD's (2x), the zoo, and Extreme Jump. What I considered a survival strategy, they considered great fun. I quickly rose to best mom ever status. :)

Here they are enjoying our day at the zoo--which was cool and drizzly. Nice!

My Smiley Boys

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And this is the last one...

One last picture. Isn't she beautiful?

More wedding pics

*The* Wedding!!

These first in casual clothes were taken at the cookout at the Country Club the afternoon before the wedding. Are you as excited as I am about a picture with all 3 of my kids looking at the camera with relatively pleasant expressions on their faces? A miracle--a bloomin' miracle, that's what it is.

These last two pictures were taken that evening at the wedding. The wedding was on the lawn overlooking the beach. Cate was one of the flower girls, and JD was just plum cute.