Monday, June 2, 2008

Free at last...thank God, we're free at last

Almost. Almost free at last. Technically, Cate's not released from the penitentiary until Thursday, the 5th. Today was the End of Year Party, tomorrow's the Talent Show and New School Groundbreaking, and Wednesday and Thursday are half-days and they get to wear jeans--woo hoo! The kids are so ready--and trust me--the teachers are too.

We're already in the swing of all things SUMMER. Swim lessons started today at the Y. Cate is fearless; JD--not so much. He's currently determined not to put his face in the water/go under. In fact, at the beginning, he didn't want to even sit down and put his feet in. Finally, I told him that he couldn't go to Disneyworld and the beach this summer if he didn't have swim lessons. Both Cate's Mr. Eric and JD's Ms. Krista were great, and by the end of the lesson, both kids were excited--and exhausted. They have lessons M-Thurs this week and next. I got some great pics today. The weather was gorgeous and the kids look great up against the water--those blue eyes with that golden skin. As a redheaded whitey, I'm very jealous of how they golden up before my eyes. I go from white to red, then straight back to white. Occasionally, I turn a darker shade of pale. Thank goodness, they got Shawn's skin.

After swim lessons, we jump in to Drama Camp for Cate, then Disneyworld, and then possibly Arboretum Camp, and then my cousin's wedding in Georgia where Cate gets to be the flower girl. Lots going on. My kids, however, think that's fantastic. I'm not sure they'd ever come home willingly. They always want to GO.

Anyway, that's all for now. I just didn't want you all to think I'd fallen off the edge of the world.

YIPES--I almost forgot our big family news. Drum roll sister is pregnant, due beginning of December. Yes, 5 grandkids in 6 years. My parents are exhausted just thinking about it. Everything looks good. She's had 2 ultrasounds. The baby is growing well, and the heartbeat is strong. So hooray! One more baby for us all to spoil.

And one last thing--Quinn's finally decided that walking might, just might, be preferable to crawling. I'll try to snap some pics of him upright. He walks like a giant weeble wobble. Very funny to watch!